Two random thoughts on the election: IMPOSSIBLE STORIES. Both parties now have an impossible story to tell. Hillary has to say she’s a change agent while also saying she’ll carry the torch of the Obama administration. Trump has to say he’s a uniter while continuing with the us versus them rhetoric. Yoiks. WHY KAINE. And Hillary picked Kaine. […]

Assuming Hillary doesn’t get indicted or otherwise collapse on what appears to be her inevitable nomination to the Dem ticket, who will her VP running mate be? Here’re some criteria. She can’t be seen as pandering. So my suspicion is the Castro brothers (the American ones) are out. Besides, the Latino population probably isn’t going […]

Primaries are designed horribly wrong. Consider the primary I just voted in, which has to be one of the most useless primaries in the nation. The Washington State Democratic primary is very late in the primary game and doesn’t allocate any delegates for a candidate anyway. The state Democratic caucuses did that already a couple […]

There’s a new worry that House Speaker Paul Ryan will pick the new president. The House picks the president if no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes. It happened with John Quincy Adams, our 6th President. Neither he nor his 3 competitors reached the 270 threshold of electoral college votes needed to win, so the House struck a […]

President Obama nominated D.C. Circuit Chief Justice Merrick Garland to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Instantly after, Senate Majority Leader McConnell reaffirmed that he’d refuse to allow the Senate to entertain any nomination. McConnell cited what he would call the “Biden Rule” as his guiding principle. Apparently, Joe Biden, when he was […]

Each Dem candidate has strengths and weaknesses. Both are stomachable, in my view. Hillary is careful and strategic but not terribly charismatic or forthright. Pretty much flip that for Bernie. She’s the fox; he’s the hedgehog, and some have said it’s a matter of head versus heart. But all these concerns and comparisons are secondary. Primary […]

I recently wrote about how Obama might thread the needle on filling the new Supreme Court vacancy. There’s a good short list of possible nominees in addition to my suggestion. So I have another idea. Obama should just nominate all of them. The Senate could then choose which if any to vet (i.e., to advise […]