Let’s talk bathrooms because that’s where our nation is right now. There’s some confusion on the topic. The federal courts are saying one thing; the administration is saying another; and the media is kind of flubbing it all. To start, Gavin Grimm is taking his case to the Supreme Court. This is the kid who wants […]

On January 21, millions of people took to the streets for the women’s march, which spanned dozens of locales across all continents. (Source.) This was a response to counter the inauguration the day before, which was smaller than the march and smaller than past inaugurations. (Source.) But on the same day, Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean […]

As I mentioned in a prior blog, it looks like we’ll be white-knuckling (is there a pun there?) for at least two years under this new administration. In two years we’ll have new rounds of elections for the House and Senate. If you’re looking to do something, you might want to look in this direction. […]

Facebook stock recently tanked around allegations of fake news propagating on the site. Twitter just banned a few white supremacists from tweeting. These sites loathe the idea of self-policing content trafficked on their platforms. But because they control distribution (i.e., what gets added to your feed), they’re making choices about content distribution one way or […]

Grieving Well, that was awful, and many of us are still grieving and grieving hard. That’s a sign that we care and we cherish so much. This is good. Mourning takes time, and we need space to do it in our own way. “The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the […]

Two random thoughts on the election: IMPOSSIBLE STORIES. Both parties now have an impossible story to tell. Hillary has to say she’s a change agent while also saying she’ll carry the torch of the Obama administration. Trump has to say he’s a uniter while continuing with the us versus them rhetoric. Yoiks. WHY KAINE. And Hillary picked Kaine. […]

Assuming Hillary doesn’t get indicted or otherwise collapse on what appears to be her inevitable nomination to the Dem ticket, who will her VP running mate be? Here’re some criteria. She can’t be seen as pandering. So my suspicion is the Castro brothers (the American ones) are out. Besides, the Latino population probably isn’t going […]